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Integrated Rural Development, Protected Area Management, Traditional Products and Sustainable Tourism


Gavin Bell is an experienced practitioner working in the fields of Integrated Rural Development, Protected Area Management, Traditional Product Development and Sustainable Tourism.

His experience has been developed by working from the bottom up as a National Park ranger with the Peak District National Park through to his current role in high level development projects at international level.

Recent clients have included UNDP, UNWTO, PAN Parks Foundation, WWF and the Council of Europe.

He is an enthusiastic and self-motivated project manager with a commitment and experience in facilitating international rural development by promoting biodiversity conservation, traditional products, crafts and sustainable tourism projects in and around protected areas.

Gavins vision is to try to undertake activities in a way that leaves a real legacy for those areas and people he is fortunate to work with. Gavin believes in building the potential of others and sharing his skills and knowledge, whilst learning from others...

Member of IUCN World Commision for Protected Areas

Contact details:

Vodafone Ro  +40 727 876476

Fax to email   +44 845 1274414

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